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This is a group of committed mathematicians who have come together to create a culture of nurturing mathematics in our country. This group conducts various workshops at national level with the support of government of India and works with the following aims

  • To provide an opportunity to the students who have interest in Mathematics, to nurture what their future career might demand, namely (to list a few)
    • Axiomatic view of the subject
    • How to conventionally go about the proofs?
    • Nurture a set of concepts in detail such that bridging the students to higher level courses

  • Attitude: Motivate and demonstrate to the students to be more open minded, flexible in thinking, guess and conquer the results such that the students gain confidence in doing mathematics independently. The participants are expected to be an independent learner at the end of our workshop.

  • Values: To facilitate students to build a professional network with a diverse group of committed students and faculties from pan India which will help them to be a valuable team player for the country

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The student is best taught who is told the least

- Robert Lee Moore