Pedagogical knowledge of Mathematics
24th - 26th March 2018
Kerala School of Mathematics

All important announcements will be posted here. Pls visit this page for updates.

9 March 2018, 12:20:20: Final selected participants from the first list of selected applicants

5 March 2018, 11:32:54: If you want a formal invitation pls send us an email and we will send the softcopy within 4 working days.

5 March 2018, 11:30:00: The Travel allowance will be as per the Government of India (GoI) norms. You may book your tickets as per your eligibility.

28 February 2018, 8:26:10: Confirmation of Participation: Congratulations on getting selected and please plan your travel. Confirm your participation by sending an email to with details in the following template. The deadline for the same is 5th March 2018 5:00PM


Registration number:


Date & Time of Arrival:

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28 February 2018, 8:26:10: First list of selected applicants :

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