Pedagogical knowledge of Mathematics
24th - 26th March 2018
Kerala School of Mathematics

About getting to KSOM:

The KSOM is located at a distance of about 12Kms from the city centre(train/bus stations) situated off the Kozhikode-Medical College-Kunnamangalam bus route. If you choose to travel from the city to KSOM by bus, catch one from the Paalayam Bus Station (also known as the Old Bus Stand) going in the above route (there is a bus in about every 10 minutes) and get down at a bus stop called `MUNDIKKALTHAZHAM’ which is a few stops after the more prominent Medical College BusStop. The KSOM is by the side of a bye lane from this bus stop and at a distance of about 2Kms. (Take an auto from Mundikkalthazham to KSOM. The fare is about 25 rupees). If you miss the Mundikkalthazham bus stop and reach Kunnamangalam Bus Station, take an auto from there to KSOM(The fare will be about 60 rupees). If you take an auto from the railway station/city centre, the ever so honest auto drivers of Kozhikode tend to charge about Rs. 250/- for their service from the city centre to KSOM during regular hours (between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.). CWRDM(Centre for Water Resources Development and Management) is a more known institute close to KSOM , and so the auto-drivers are likely to know the location of CWRDM rather than KSOM.

The student is best taught who is told the least

- Robert Lee Moore