nurture 2017
Winter School in Mathematics to the memory of Homi Jehangir Bhabha
4th - 23rd December 2017
10th - 22nd December 2017
Central University of Tamil Nadu

All important announcements will be posted here. Pls visit this page for updates.

6 December 2017, 23:56:16: List of selected local participants :

6 December 2017, 23:09:56: Hope you are ready with your travel plan. We will expect 100% compliance on the following. While packing your stuff please plan accordingly

PS : You are allowed to bring basic phones. In case if you are bringing smart phones you are not allowed to use it during the class timings (9:00AM to 6:00PM)

2 December 2017, 3:02:18: Final list of selected participants :

23 November 2017, 12:50:31: Confirmation of Participation: Congratulations on getting selected and please plan your travel. Confirm your participation by sending an email to with details in the following template. The deadline for the same is 27th November 2017 2:00PM.


Registration number:


Amount Transferred:

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21 November 2017, 23:12:36: Invitation to contribute:

Dear All

We are sad to inform you that NBHM (GoI) has declined to fund our workshop due to financial crisis from their side. In this regard we are facing issues and in fact we thought of cancelling the workshop, however there are a few members who expressed their support towards organizing this event. So we are planning to run this workshop with support from many people believing the Archimedian property.

A little financial background(for participants): when it comes to organizing a workshop for about 40 students for 13 days: food, accommodation and travel for the resource persons are the critical dimensions which consumes a huge amount. It cost about 4 lacs for the same. In other-words, on an average we (with government support) used to spend around Rs. 10,000\= for every participants. This is how we had organized in the past. FYI please.

We always serve vegetarian food in our workshops. Even if we arrange a healthy and basic veg food for all of us this time, it cost Rs. 245 per day per head. (Rs 60 for breakfast, Rs. 70 for Lunch and Rs. 65 for Dinner, tea and snacks - twice a day - Rs. 50). In this regard for every one of us we need to spend about Rs. 3000 for the whole of thirteen days (13 days x Rs. 245 = Rs. 3185) for food alone.

Though we had announced Rs. 200 as registration fee, we still keep the same amount as registration fee. In otherwords we dont want to demand more from you. We believe that there may be people who will not be able to afford but very interested in learning Mathematics. However we suggest you to discuss with your parents and see whether you can contribute as much as you can. in other-words you may contribute between 200 and 3000. You are also welcome to contribute more if you can. Please visit the Sponsors tab for further information.

We will take care of the rest of the expenditure. We will be creating a bank account with SBI in this regard and you will have to transfer your contributions into the account. We will also list the contributors in the website ensuring transparency.

Thanks & Regards

21 November 2017, 19:41:22: Confirmation of Participation: Congratulations on getting selected and please plan your travel. Confirm your participation by sending an email to with your registration number. The deadline for the same is 27th November 2017.

14 November 2017, 19:26:39: List of selected applicants :

14 November 2017, 19:41:46: For the list of resource person click here

14 November 2017, 15:03:18: Due to funding issues and conflicts with end semester exam dates of Indian Universities/Colleges/Institutes, we are forced to change the duration of this workshop to 13 days/2 weeks. Please note that the workshop starts on 10th December '17 9:00AM and get over on 22nd December '17 2:00PM. My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

14 November 2017, 12:30:20: The last date for application is changed to 20th November'17.

Please note the changes in the important dates.

  • Last date for application submission: 14th November '17 20th November '17
  • Announcement of Selected candidates: 15th November '17 21th November '17; 6:00PM
  • Confirmation of Participation: 18th November '17 24th November '17; 6:00PM
  • Programme Dates: 4th - 23rd December '17 10th - 22nd December '17

Workshop Poster

Homi Jehangir Bhabha
(30 Oct 1909 - 24 Jan 1966)

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