nurture 2017
Learning Strategies for Postgraduates to the memory of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
4th - 16th December 2017
10th - 22nd December 2017
Central University of Tamil Nadu
Funded by INSA (expected)

This workshop will aim to touch upon some of these topics


  • Fields, subrings. homomorphism of rings. Kernel and image of a homomorphism. Characteristic of a ring.
  • Quotient rings. Prime ideals, maximal ideals and their characterization.
  • Polynomial rings. Divisibility. units. Factorization in a ring. Irreducible and prime elements in a ring.
  • Unique factorization domain, principal ideal domain and euclidean domains.


  • Riemann-Darboux integral
  • Pointwise and uniform convergence:
  • Complex Analysis: Continuity, differentiation, analytic/holomorphic functions, Cauchy-Riemann equations,
  • Introduction to metric spaces

Linear Algebra

  • Structure of a single linear transformation: Invariant subspaces, semi-simple and nilpotent maps;
  • Characteristic polynomial and minimal polynomial;
  • Primary decomposition, cyclic subspaces and decomposition into cyclic subspaces, Jordan and rational canonical forms.
  • Spectral theorem for orthogonal and unitary linear maps. Singular value decomposition.
  • Modules: Definition and examples, submodules, direct sums, module homomorphisms, quotient modules, torsion elements, free modules

Differential Equations

  • BVPs and greens functions, Lipchitz continuity, Lyapunov stability
  • Existence and uniqueness theorem on ODE namely Picards iteration and Pieno theorem
  • Solution of stiff equations using asymptotic expansion
  • Introduction to numerics, Fundamental matrix solutions and exponential of matrices

Workshop Poster

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
(19 Oct 1910 - 21 Aug 1995)

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